Monday, February 18, 2013


I'll bet you $1.M American dollars you are a Republican and a Liberal.


Well what if a fight broke out, someone is shooting at you, your kids, your family, or anyone you care about. you see a gun about five feet from you in the holster of a Police officer. You grab the gun and the gunmen (Bad guys) were approaching you and the ones you are going to protect with that gun you just found. They start shooting at you.

The question is,


I already know your answer especially if those bad guys were going to rape the children.

If you have the balls to say no to my face. Please come to my house.

490 N 200 E Lehi Utah. 84043.

Don't bother letting me know you are on your way. Don't worry if I'm home. My Dad or Mom, if not I will be and we'll be so happy that you came. We've been needing a reason to test out the pistol grip on the Mosberg.

That last part was a bit exaggerated but that is my home so be respectful.

I'll bet you another $1.M You are a Liberal....


Ok, I among few proudly served in the U.S. Military. I have seen first hand the liberty we are fighting for out there in the sand box. So if you don't know the definition of Freedom, I'll tell you right now.

Life, Liberty and persute of happiness. You can find that in a Law book as well. When you try (Put on trial) someone in the USA that takes away your life Liberty, or Persute of happiness, they must be given a lawyer. Which has happened to me in the past. I got a Stalking charge because my GF's Mom didn't like me. I didn't like her either, Especially after I found out she let her own brother RAPE her daughter when she was 6 YEARS OLD...

(Still Fighting it to be honest but she moved when I filed my report) Her name is Stacy (I am pretty sure she married her brother. Because they are still divorced and. Until she met Travis Soffel. Even on her grandparents Facebook they all her down as a relative. IDK but she had to bring that up. Brandy specifically said My moms Last name is Creed. SHe just wanted you to know You see her let me know. Or her Step Dad.Travis Soffel. I just have some paper's to serve her.


I just want you to know the daunting truth behind the DEMOCRAT. When I hear that word today and I think DICTATORSHIP. Here's why,

OK whether you know "Builder-Berg" They are the richest family in the world and basically are the bank and loan company for the World. Anyway they have Politicians in their pocket. Meaning, Politics inside Politics. Remember last months big scheme to get our guns? Same thing happened to the Jews just before Hitler killed most of them off. (Believe in GOD or the HOLO-COST or not) They are real but if you must pull that card, Here's mine,

"I don't remember slavery, or Women being property. You cannot show me video evidence and if you ad some I wouldn't care to watch or care to believe if I had. I live in reality. We don't do that. So i'm not going to believe that they ever happened. (Even though sometimes it could pay off to own some Back people and Women) Never even happened in my eyes if you are going to pull.

Anyway Builder-burg (Spelled incorrectly for a reason) "Google It" They want to rule the world, and become the supreme leader and don't want people to fight back so that's way they want our guns. But like I have written earlier, If you take the gun's away and outlaw them. Only guns left on the street's will be the UN-registered weapons... So let's be smart and get them off the street's with my proclaimed AMNESTY BOXES first before, you find yourself defense-LESS in your own home. Which would be over ran by (Bad Guys).

Now that we are all Republican's and knowing that OBAMA is a Politician payed by MR. BUILDER-BURG. and half of his staff. And payed by THE USA. Two fucking pay check's (Lucky).

Want to take back your Democrat vote? We're American right? Let's all sign this website and use it as a PETITION TO THE COURTS.

And let's get someone not payed to destroy the world with UN-JUST LAW.

Please leave your name, and registered voting address below in the comments box and spread the love rather than, HELL-OH.


"We The People"

If you must know my name it's
Please don't give me that Million I would probably just house the homeless with it. And buy my Dad that Yacht I promised him when I was like 10. He didn't want it when I said I'd get him one anyway. I just do what I say Say what I mean. Honestly I wouldn't know what to do with that much money. I wouldn't want to become corrupt like Rich Usually are.

Which I'm not.
Thanks again for your time. 

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